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10 Unique vintage jewellery gifts for a special gifting season

The gifting season is just around the corner, and so begins the challenging process of deciding upon your loved ones’ presents. 

And if you’re anything like me, then you’ll feel that, although ‘tis the season to be jolly’, it’s also the season when meticulous planning, days spent deliberating, and careful choices finally pay off.

The ultimate goal: a gasp of surprise and wonder in the eyes of the person lucky enough to receive a present from me. (Yes, I take a weird amount of satisfaction from giving awesome gifts!)  

That’s the kind of reaction I’ve seen from every single person I’ve gifted vintage jewellery to. 

And, trust me, there is someone on your list who would absolutely treasure a piece of jewellery from the past.

You see, vintage jewellery gifts don’t have to be limited to your romantic partner. From your mother and grandmother to a favourite aunt or best friend, anyone who appreciates handcraftsmanship would hanker for a jewel made before the times of mass production.

Just imagine the sweet nostalgia on your grandma’s face when receiving a piece of vintage jewellery for Christmas that wasn’t vintage when she was young. 

Or how pleased that notoriously hard-to-shop-for friend would be, knowing that she’s the proud and exclusive owner of a masterpiece that only she gets to wear.

But since vintage jewellery is not your average choice of present, you’d probably need some help with choosing one (or two) pieces.

In this holiday gift guide, I’m sharing some of my favourite vintage jewellery gift ideas that will show your special someone just how much you care.


This stunning ring comes from the 1970s and carries that kind of timeless elegance that instantly elevates any style.

The semi-baroque design brings together two of a girl’s best friends, diamonds and pearls. Top that off with an 18K gold texture covering the intricate foliate touches, and there you have it: a classic vintage jewel that merges aesthetics with high-quality craftsmanship.

With its mid-century flair and chic design, this pearl and diamond vintage ring is the perfect choice for those wanting to nail a polished and sophisticated look. Shop this classy ring for a unique and dazzling present.


If you’re looking for the perfect vintage jewellery gift for that retro aficionado who enjoys having all eyes on them, go no further!

This two-tone gold bracelet with geometric elements is the exact definition of a statement piece. Rose and yellow gold tones create a shimmering golden hue, while the three-row geometric design adds a substantial presence to any outfit.  

Thanks to its weight, the bracelet sits gracefully around the wrist and gives a 1950s air of elegance and luxury.

Either combined with a blazer for a business meeting or evening attire for a night out, rest assured it will turn heads and make its wearer rightfully stand out.


Nothing screams romance more than the soft and gentle coral hue, especially when it’s adorned with a few glittering diamonds.

These charming oval-shaped ear clips are designed to sit gracefully on the ear and add an ethereal element to any look.

Each piece features cabochon coral and 3 sparkling diamonds, wrapped in a 14K gold rope twist. 

Delicate and refined, these ear clips are a major statement piece that can be easily matched with any colour and worn at any outing. 


We all know that one person who faithfully lives by the ‘less is more’ motto.

Well, this fun and contemporary ring is just the present for the minimalist on your list. Bonus point: it can be easily stacked with other rings if they decide to experiment a bit.

Made of 14K gold and carved black onyx coupled with diamond accents, the ring’s dome-shaped design has just enough presence adding a subtle, classy note that recipients will adore.

To take it up a notch, why not pair it with these streamlined and anything but boring geometric clip earrings?

Featuring the same colours and materials, these fan-shaped ear clips are the perfect complement for the ring. And, trust me, when combined together, they’re the ultimate vintage accessories for nailing that clean, sophisticated, and dramatic look. 

The minimalist’s dream!  

Discover more and snatch the ring and earrings before they’re gone!


Give the gift of art history with a modern twist to that design freak on your list. 

Coming from the vintage collection of Saks Fifth Avenue, this beautifully crafted 1980s medallion necklace captures the artistic skills of the past and is sure to satisfy even the pickiest visual design infatuated friend.

Featuring an intricate design set with coral, turquoise, and lapis lazuli on a 14K gold chain, this piece is the dream of every gemstone lover.


The multi-colour design makes it easy to combine with monochrome attires, adding the perfect finishing touch to every outfit.


Now, before you say anything, let’s just get one thing straight: Brooches are no longer your grandma’s accessory!

Yes, they were a huge hit in centuries gone by, with famous brooch wearers like Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth II, and Wallis Simpson ruling in this domain. But brooches are currently enjoying a revival.

And, most importantly, they are shedding their reputation as being reserved only for women of a certain age. In fact, they’ve recently shone through variations of post-pandemic revenge dressing, with several male celebrities leading the pack

And who can forget Lady Gaga’s giant gilded dove brooch by Schiaparelli Couture at President Joe Biden’s inauguration this past January? 

Now that I’ve convinced you, have a look at this spectacular Tiffany & Co. spray brooch, exquisitely designed to capture the attention and distract the eyes.

Featuring 14K gold spikes and flutes, this is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit for that trendsetter on your list who loves combining vintage accessories with the latest stylistic trends.

And since this is the season for maximalism, why stop at one when you can have several? The ‘more is more’ approach is definitely on, as a relaxed cluster of brooches is the new charm bracelet!


Pair it with this retro Portuguese 18K gold and diamond trinket for added flair, wit, and drama to even the simplest ensembles.

These vintage accessories can be worn every day or on special occasions as staple statement pieces, either placed on the lapel, used as a closure for a revealing top or even pinned on a white t-shirt. 

Get your hands on this Tiffany brooch and Portuguese brooch!


Offering jewellery gifts for Christmas is the perfect way to spoil your mum with something more than a snowman-themed mug.

As people get older, they stop expecting fancy gifts. That’s why giving her something as special as a vintage ring will surprise and delight her even more.

A ring is personal and touching, and it will remind mama of the special bond you share every time she slips it on her finger.

Rising to the occasion, this coral and 18K gold diamond ring has a unique, opulent feel to it, reminding her of the queen she is.


It features a cabochon coral centre wrapped in a gold stepped design that gives depth and presence, along with four round sparkling diamonds for the finishing touch.

This bold statement ring was acquired in the Italian port town of Torre del Greco, known as the epicentre of Italian coral jewellery making and exceptional coral craftsmanship.

Chic and sophisticated, this piece is the perfect mother’s gift for showing just how much you love and appreciate her.


Looking for an eye-catching vintage jewellery piece that stands out in the crowd?

This Italian double-strand necklace fits the bill. Composed of 197 black onyx beads and 15 dazzling diamonds on an 18K gold clasp, this piece’s sleek design will press all the fashionistas’ buttons.


Woman wearing a vintage double-strand black onyx beaded necklace

Worn long or short, this necklace is bold and powerful. It will help that devoted haute couture follower express their passion for fashion in a beautiful, distinct way.

This perfect day-to-night piece can be paired with either a V-neck or turtleneck to create an unforgettable look that’s simply impossible to replicate.


Some prefer more conservative choices and always opt for a timeless classic over a daring design.

These classy and chic retro earrings come with single and full-cut diamonds on 14K white and yellow gold, making them the perfect fit for those who like effortless style.

Substantial enough to catch the light and provide a gorgeous glimmer, they’re also ideally sized for routine wear. 

From the office to evening cocktails, these bad girls are distinct without being too flashy and add a subtle, dazzling effect to ensure they never go unnoticed.  


Ah, I saved the best for last!  Or, better said, I saved the best for you!


This 1960s La Triomphe 18K gold ring will speak right to the heart of every arbiter of taste and vintage jewellery lover.

It comes with great collectable value since its manufacturer, the Astoria Jewelry Manufacturing Company of Long Island, New York, is no longer in business. But their designs were all the rage back in the 1960s and 1970s. 

The geometric design is beautifully encrusted with diamonds, black onyx, and malachite, creating one of my favourite colour combinations. It’s a fierce statement piece that represents the strength and power of modern, dynamic women. 

Whether you wear it at a cocktail party, business meeting, or brunch with friends, be prepared to answer questions and have all eyes on your finger! 

Antique and vintage jewellery is an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates history, art, and fashion. 

And believe me, an heirloom present comes with timeless elegance and growing value that last much longer than bags or clothing.

The gift of vintage jewellery is a truly memorable one. 

One that carries history and quality.

One that can be treasured for years to come.

One that can be passed down from one generation to the next. 

And that is what I call an awesome present!

Visit my shop to browse through a vast selection of unique vintage and antique jewellery from different eras and stunning collections of vintage accessories.

When searching for the perfect jewellery gifts, remember to keep in mind the personalities and individual styles of the recipients. 

Until next time, happy treasure hunting!

Yaz X

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