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5 must have pieces of Jewelry

There are so many pieces of jewelry that I can classify as essential or must haves, given my jewelry obsession and hoarding syndrome! I tried to come up with a very focused and practical list thinking of the different life styles women can lead.

 When I dress to work or for an evening out, I often start off with what Jewelry mood I am in, and then I work backwards to my wardrobe. I skim through my jewelry stand and boxes and try on a few pieces mixing different metals, styles and periods. Of course the struggle gets real as this process usually takes up time and lots of contemplation. Practically speaking , there is no way I can pull this off every morning or when I am running errands or out on a casual weekend.


I have a jewelry plate on my dresser on which I stack go-to and neutral pieces that work from morning to night and effortlessly go with any outfit, be it a business suit or a pair of jeans and white shirt. Two essential pieces of Jewelry I don’t leave the house without – earrings and at least 1 ring.

Here is the list of the 5 must have pieces, that don’t have to break the bank and that always worked for me no matter the occasion. 

  1. Pearl studs  Pearls solve a lot of problems! They have never failed me on days when my skin is dull and I don’t feel like wearing make up. They naturally light up the face and give a natural glow to your skin. I have never invested in pearl earrings, in fact all the stud ones I own are from high street fashion jewelry. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend going for silver or gold posts.
Jenifer Fisher endless hoop options

2. Hoops – Gold or silver, big or small, hoops are a magical piece of jewelry that happen to go with any face shape. Go for a small to a medium sized hoop for a classic understated look or upsize for a bolder playful look.

I am still figuring my head around which size I want to go for in the Jennifer Fisher popular hoop earrings collection. She has a great range of hollow and light hoops in brass and solid gold that start from $75 upwards. 



3. Diamond studs – or any clear and neutral gemstone such as cubic zircon or even clear glass stones. Aside from the fact that they have a classy and chic look, diamond studs can be easily styled with any other jewelry textures and can also do the job on their own. 

4. A short length necklace or chain – for those days when I am not bothered about mixing and matching, I reach out to my short necklaces that peep nicely from under my shirts. 

5. A stackable ring – In my case I usually opt for diamonds. An eternity band is very versatile, chic and stackable. I recommend a diamond eternity band, which doesn’t need to break the bank if you opt for smaller size diamonds. Why? because you can stack it up with other thinner bands for a hippy look or wear it on its own and let the shine work its wonders. 

Other options would rainbow bands for a pop of color. Joanna Nakhle’ makes really cool ones.. Or a mystical alternative would be the Lulu Frost code rings featuring A-Z gemstones with every ring having a hidden meaning to it. These are a definite conversation starter.

Find these babies on Joanna's Instagram gallery

I am curious to know what is your “Can’t leave the house without this” jewelry piece? Leave a comment or get social on Instagram 🙂

All the brands featured in this blog are not paid endorsements, they are simply brands I personally love and enjoy. 

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