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Vintage clip earrings attached to a tea cup.

Top 5 essential jewellery pieces for a timeless Mother’s Day gift

There are many timeless pieces of essential jewellery that I can classify as indispensable to my jewellery obsession and hoarding syndrome! But with the Mother’s Day shopping spree just around the corner, I tried to come up with a very focused and practical list based on the different lifestyles women lead.

Speaking for myself, when dressing for work or a night out, I often start off by defining the mood I’m in and work backwards to my wardrobe. Skimming through my bijoux stand and (several) jewellery boxes, I mix different metals, styles, and periods to create an elegant ensemble that matches the specific occasion.

Signature on Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co. reversible vintage earrings.
Vintage Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co. Reversible Gold and Silver Earrings with Bull’s-Eye Agate
Vintage Paloma Picasso for Tiffany & Co. reversible earrings.
From the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection

Now, if your mum is anything like me, she probably knows just how real the struggle can get with this process! Truth be told, it usually takes up so much time and contemplation that there’s practically no way I can pull this off every morning or even at a casual weekend when I’m running errands. That’s why I make sure the jewellery tray on my dresser always contains a few go-to neutral pieces that work effortlessly with any outfit from day to night.

There are two jewellery essentials I don’t leave the house without: Earrings and at least one ring to round out my style. For example, a pair of single-tone hoop earrings or button ear clips combine well with almost everything, be it a business suit or a pair of jeans and a white shirt. Add a stackable band and – voilà! – you’ve elevated an outfit with just two classic additions.

Five Essential Jewellery Pieces Your Mum Will Love

I’ve talked before about how jewellery is an excellent choice for thoughtful gift-giving, especially when it comes to those we care for the most. And who deserves a meaningful and memorable present more than our mums? After all, a carefully-chosen essential jewellery piece can turn into a timeless family heirloom, worn endlessly for generations to come and forever carrying the memory of your special connection.  

Here are the top five must-have pieces I swear by that work for any occasion and would make excellent Mother’s Day gift ideas without breaking the bank:

Pearl Earrings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but pearls solve a lot of problems! They’re a classic style element that never fails me on days when my skin is dull, and I don’t feel like wearing make-up. They naturally light up the face and give a lovely glow to the skin.

Essential jewellery vintage Ciner gold-plated twisted rope earrings
Vintage Ciner Gold-Plated Twisted Rope Earrings with Blister Pearls from YazJewels
Woman wearing vintage Givenchy costume pearl earrings and star pendant necklace.
Vintage Givenchy Costume Earrings with Cultured Pearl and Rhinestones from YazJewels

The best part? You don’t have to invest in super expensive, fine-quality pearl earrings when high-street fashion jewellery can be just the ticket! However, for wearers with sensitive skin, I recommend opting for those with sterling silver or gold fittings.

Single-Tone Earrings

Gold or silver, big or small, single-tone earrings are a great choice of versatile jewellery that works well with any outfit. A couple of things to consider when shopping are the wearer’s face shape and metal preference.

Vintage Maramenos & Pateras ocean wave earrings.
Vintage Maramenos & Pateras 18ct Gold Ocean Wave Earrings from the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection
Vintage John Atencio geometric square earrings.
Vintage John Atencio 18ct Gold Square Earrings in Flowing Ribbon Design from the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection

Depending on your mum’s style, my advice is to go for small-to-medium-sized earrings for a classic understated look or upsize for a bolder playful look. And with so many genius designs that don’t need expensive stones to impress, they can be both a wonderful and affordable Mother’s Day jewellery gift.

Short-Length Chain or Necklace

A short chain or necklace that peeps nicely from under the shirt is another essential jewellery piece I opt for when I can’t bother to mix and match. Choose a necklace with a delicate pendant that highlights a favourite theme or, for something truly special, order a custom inscription.

Vintage Italian gold collar necklace
Vintage Italian 14ct Gold Collar Necklace
Vintage Italian gold collar necklace from YazJewels
From the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection

When your mum puts that necklace on every day, it will serve as a constant reminder of the love you two share. And if she is into vintage jewellery with nostalgic vibes, you can browse the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection for a time-honoured piece with a story of its own.

Stackable Ring

There are so many reasons to love stackable rings: They are incredibly versatile, combine well with any outfit, and beautifully complement wedding rings. An understated stackable ring can work well with other thinner bands for a hippy look or on its own for a classic elegant touch.

Contemporary Fluted 18ct Gold Band Ring With Oval Diamond
18ct Gold Band Ring in Florentine Finish With Oval Diamond Centre from the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection
Contemporary 18ct Gold Donut Ring With Diamond Band
18ct Gold Donut Ring With Diamond Band from the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection

For an extra special Mother’s Day gift, choose a chic eternity band with your or your siblings’ birthstones. It doesn’t need to break the bank either, as you can opt for smaller-size stones and simply let the stacking work its magic.

Statement Ring

Statement rings are a classic essential jewellery accessory for adding a touch of brilliance and sophistication without too much effort. I recommend choosing a versatile design that complements your mum’s style and works well with her wardrobe.

Contemporary 18ct Gold Cocktail Ring With Blue Sapphire Cabochons
Bombé Cocktail Ring in 18ct Gold With Blue Sapphire Cabochons from the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection
Contemporary Blue Titanium Open Butterfly Ring With Diamonds
Blue Titanium Open Butterfly Ring With Diamonds from the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection

If you’re opting for a gemstone ring, research her favourite gems and colours or play it safe with clear and neutral stones. In addition to creating a chic and classy look, statement rings can be easily styled with other gold and silver jewellery or stand splendidly on their own.

A Few Last Thoughts on Essential Jewellery Staples

When adding an essential jewellery piece to your own or someone else’s collection, it’s important to consider the wearer’s overall sense of style. From the metal of preference and wardrobe colours to skin sensitivities and finger/wrist size. Jewellery essentials will differ for each of us, but their main function is to effortlessly complete that version of ourselves we feel most comfortable with and help us express our unique personalities.

Essential jewellery YazJewels Gold Drop Earrings in Bracket Design With 1ct Diamond Centre
Gold Drop Earrings in Bracket Design With 1ct Diamond Centre from the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection
Retro Tank Chunky Bracelet In 18ct Yellow Gold
Retro Chunky Tank Bracelet In 18ct Yellow Gold from the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection

For some women, that piece might come in the form of pearl studs and, for others, in the shape of a gold bangle. The beauty of having a few trusted essential jewellery items is that they speed up the accessorising process while never failing to add that distinctive touch to your look. Those we end up wearing for years almost become a part of us and carry sentimental value, as they’ve accompanied us from the most dreadful days to the most magical evenings. 

I hope I’ve inspired you with some timeless Mother’s Day jewellery gift ideas that you’ll love seeing her wear every day. And if you’re looking for something extra special, check out my vintage and antique jewellery collection at YazJewels, featuring stunning treasures like these almost 200-yearl-old Victorian bracelets.

Victorian gold wedding bangles set incsribed with original owner's name.
Victorian 14ct Gold Wedding Bangles from the YazJewels Motherly Love Collection

This time-tested bangle set can be a beautiful symbol of your everlasting love, with each wearing one as an eternal mother-daughter bond.

Until next time, I wish all mummies (myself included) a happy Mother’s Day. May we all be loved, spoiled, and appreciated on this and every day of the year – even if they still don’t accept our friend requests! 

Yaz X

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