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Gold link bracelet on a fashion magazine next to a cup of coffee.

Is jewellery a good investment and why collect vintage pieces?

If your fascination with trinkets borders that of a collector, then the question “Is jewellery a good investment?” has probably popped into your mind more than once or twice. Although the short answer is yes, the kind of jewellery you acquire can make the whole difference to your investment return. 

You can split the reasons for investing in vintage jewellery into two categories: One is all about the financial incentive, and the other is perhaps for more sentimental purposes. By passing time-honoured jewels down to future generations, we share the joy and memorable moments these antique or vintage pieces have witnessed. Just think of the stories that jewellery could tell if it could only speak! 

The marriages that family engagement rings have previously begun and the parties that old necklaces have glittered at are among the great reasons to start investing in your own collection of vintage jewellery from bygone eras!

Gold link bracelet on a fashion magazine next to a cup of coffee.


In the current economic landscape, acquiring jewellery investment pieces is an increasingly smart idea. It could start with a family heirloom inherited from a relative, spring from a hobby of browsing the local vintage stores or begin from more professional intentions like attending auctions to seek out valuable items. Whatever the case, the security of jewellery in the financial market is a good enough reason to invest in pieces of time-tested quality like those found on our website

Precious stones and metals, particularly gold and diamonds, have been in high demand for centuries, regardless of passing trends or economic factors. Gold can also be melted down and recast or sold for its intrinsic value. Diamonds on the other hand can be removed and reset into new designs. That’s why, unlike the fluctuating value of cash, fine jewellery will always be valuable and profitable if you ever need to resell it. 

And until then, you get to use and wear it as a timeless statement since it’s a tangible asset you can enjoy at any time. Jewellery is also a portable investment, much easier to carry, store, and preserve than many other collectables.

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Jewellery has long played a part in human society. Found in the archaeological digs of the earliest civilisations, jewels have been a way to denote status and power throughout human history. But there is another power behind jewellery: The power of stories. 

The occasions celebrated with pieces of jewellery, the joy and happiness of the wearer and the intentions of the gift are imbued into each stone and passed on to the next wearer. With so many items rich with history, family stories, and personal memories, it’s no wonder people find a warm connection to jewels from eras past. 

However, stories aside, the exquisite quality and precious metals used in antique and vintage jewellery make it such a good investment choice. Many of these jewels were expertly crafted by hand before the times of mass production, usually on a bespoke basis for members of the upper class. Such levels of quality and craftsmanship are nearly impossible to find these days, even in the most expensive and high-end jewels. Every piece is unique and can’t be duplicated using modern methods, making vintage and antique the best jewellery to invest in, as it will always be worth more than newer pieces.  

Although the list of why we buy and cherish these wearable stories is almost endless, here are a few of the reasons that prompted my collecting journey and may help you when embarking on your own:


Without underestimating the value of sentimentality, lots of jewellery items are collected for their monetary value. As with many collectables, people see jewellery as a good investment and are prepared to pay higher prices for items that are crafted to last, and whose value can appreciate over time. The older and more unique something is, the more its worth is likely to increase.

For good jewellery investment choices, consider how reputable the source you are buying from is, how the piece was created, and the materials and gems used. Investing in gold jewellery, for instance, is an excellent choice since the precious metal is still sought after around the world. You should always have fine jewellery checked by an expert to assert whether an item is real or fake and to reassure its market value. There are many 14ct and 18ct gold pieces in the YazJewels collection, and you can find quality vintage items that have already been vetted and authenticated for you. 

Designer jewellery is another investable option that gains value over time. It can be costly, but the investment will remain intact for years, especially if you carefully care for your vintage collection. Practising some extra TLC using our tips can help you get the most wear out of them and a better return if you choose to resell.

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Who doesn’t love a good story? One of the most desirable – and fascinating – features of old jewellery are the numerous tales and life histories encapsulated within the pieces. They can be a great conversation starter and even increase an item’s value, especially if it was owned by someone famous or carries an interesting engraving. This stems from the fact that jewellery has a special distinction and often defines pivotal moments in our lives. Therefore, when you give someone a piece of vintage jewellery, you are also gifting the history of every wearer, inviting their story to become a part of the new owner. 

The significance of an antique engagement ring can include the love of past generations, and sometimes the stones can be centuries old. That’s a precious stone that has witnessed hundreds of love stories and now includes yours! This imprint of the past makes the ring even more special, as it’s filled with hundreds of years of romance. That is the joy of vintage and antique jewellery, particularly when the piece has an interesting story to tell.

Bride’s hands holding gold wedding bands.


The sentimental value of jewellery often coincides with the backstory and is sometimes the reason why people hold onto gems. The personal attachment to a material item might seem out of touch with our current times. However, the longevity of antique and vintage jewellery includes the lives of loved ones who have come before us and the special moments that will be remembered dearly forever. Regardless of price, sentimentality can be of far greater value to people and even spark the desire to explore more of the history that jewellery contains.  

Passing down jewels from generation to generation can become a rite of passage and a way of connecting a family over time. A centuries old heirloom interwoven with tales of romance, chivalry, and adventure can carry the history of great relatives and past endeavours. For example, it’s common tradition for engagement and wedding rings to stay in the family tree as a symbol of togetherness. When you get married, having the diamond ring your great-great grandma wore gives a heart-warming sense of continuing a legacy, especially if you’ve never met that relative. No matter the size, a personal vintage collection of sentimental jewellery brings a little piece of history to the present world and is something to be treasured.

Woman in a black dress wearing a statement flower brooch on her shoulder.


Buying collectable fashion items is a great way to hang onto unique bits and pieces to wear in the future. There’s nothing quite like an unusual accessory, whether it’s an Art Deco ring from the roaring 1920s, a bold statement bracelet from the 1960s or a romantic pendant from the Victorian period. Classic designs, even those unique to different periods, can be worn with any current style because their beauty can’t be placed in only one era. The individuality of vintage jewellery can elevate any outfit from being mainstream to becoming interesting and the envy of everyone who sees it! 

For fashion enthusiasts, eye-catching jewellery from the past is an excellent way to dress up clothes, boost more simple outfits, and make a statement, whatever the occasion. Besides, wearing something that is no longer available on the market today is always a source of curiosity to others. And since fashion is notoriously cyclical, collecting more themed vintage pieces is a perfect investment for when that style makes its comeback. Either way, the eternal quality and style of antique and vintage jewellery exude a timeless elegance that outlasts the decades. 

And, a big bonus: If you invest in jewellery that was pre-owned, you become part of the circular economy. You are a conscious buyer and effectively recycling a piece from the past rather than burdening the environment by adding to the world’s fast-fashion addiction.

A miscellaneous collection of jewellery.


Yes, plain and simple.

The interest in investing in high-quality vintage jewellery is evident in the many auctions and markets for estate jewels, vintage pieces, and rare antique finds. Starting an antique or vintage collection will allow you to build a portfolio of stunning items whose value increases over time. It will also let the special stories of both strangers and loved ones live on and bless yours with some of their joy. 

Beauty and brilliance that glitters across the ages will always be an asset. The uniqueness and luxury of a time-honoured jewel can become an investment in your memories while you create new ones with them as a witness. Why buy a cold and impersonal new piece of jewellery when you can invest in the warmth of a pre-loved necklace or ring with soul?  

Personally, I love investing in the rare beauty and timeless flair of vintage jewellery. It’s a worthy activity for anyone who wishes to appreciate luxurious and gorgeous things that leave a glittering legacy for generations to come.  

Check out the YazJewels website to discover perfect examples of long-lasting jewellery that will never go out of fashion.

Until next time, happy treasure-hunting!

Yaz X