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Seven gemstones guaranteed to elevate your winter look

When wearing gemstones during the winter months, you’re likely looking for pieces that truly embody the season. 

Although we don’t get much of a winter in the UAE, shorter days, chilly nights, and the arrival of festive lights all hint at the seasonal change. 

But the wintertide also brings shifts in jewellery trends. People start favouring warm hues, rich shades, and gemstones reminiscent of sparkling ice and the moon that now hovers longer in the sky.    

And let’s not forget all the festive gatherings that grace the winter months; think elegant gowns, sparkly tops, and fancy stilettos.

There’s no shortage of activities during this time of year, from family get-togethers and formal galas to ski trips and romantic getaways.

Whether you’re dressing up or down, every outfit needs accessories, especially bold and colourful ones, to brighten up the darker season.

While traditional winter sparklers like quartz, turquoise, and moonstone are popular with some, other luscious gemstones can also instantly elevate your winter look and keep you company during the colder months. 

If you’re wondering what the best gemstones for this winter are, here’s a look at my personal picks, including emerging trends, gems taking centre stage, and more.

I won’t go into spiritual meanings and winter birthstones; that’s a topic for another blog. Instead, let’s dive right into what’s really important here; which gemstones will help you stand out this season and how to style them to deliver that ‘wow’ factor.


If you favour gemstones with light shades and soft pastel hues, chalcedony is perfect for you.

With a name and history that can be traced back to ancient Greece and a dreamy palette of gentle colours, it’s no wonder that jewellery designers have fallen in love with this gem.

Chalcedony has been used in fine jewellery for millennia and features in many contemporary designs of renowned jewellery houses, such as Van Cleef & Arpels and the late Elsa Peretti’s collection for Tiffany & Co.

The stone has a smooth, chalky texture and comes in various colours, including white, lavender, yellow, pink, and grey. It has a sweet, feminine vibe and adds a softer, gentler touch than most gemstones.

Shop for this magnificent 18K gold chalcedony and diamond brooch and add a generous touch of glow to your look.

One particular shade that’s ideal for the winter is blue chalcedony. Its inviting blue translucence resembles the colour of calm water and makes it look strikingly ethereal.

This serene tone is subtle, fashionable, and easy to combine with your outfits this season. For an eye-catching look, pair it with a light-colour wardrobe, such as white, pink, or lilac. 

Extra bonus: Chalcedony measures 7/10 on the Mohs Scale for hardness, meaning it’s extra sturdy and durable. So, even if you’re clumsy, this gem will stick with you for years without cracking!


This one should come as no surprise since rubies have been holding their position amongst traditional precious stones worn in the winter for centuries. 

With its bright red colour, ruby lightens up nature’s palette consisting primarily of grey, white, and brown at this time of year.

Its gorgeously rich and warm hue has a very festive feel to it and can help transform even the dullest outfit.

Grab these sparkly 18K gold ruby, diamond, and pearl earrings for a queenlike look.

The stone also represents passion, making it a popular gift choice for a special someone on New Year’s Eve. Fun fact: Seeing the colour red can actually make your heart beat faster.  

To create a dramatic accent, shy away from the safe and obvious pairings with black and white (at least every once in a while). The ruby’s vibrant shade looks incredible when contrasted with colours like silver, blue, green, camel, and mustard yellow.

Add a matching red lipstick for a truly royal approach to winter.   


Black onyx is one of the semi-precious stones that enjoyed great popularity in the 1970s and is making a comeback this year. 

If you’ve been overlooking black onyx jewellery, now is the perfect time to embrace this dark and mysterious stone. 

What I love most about this gem is that it’s so easy to create a statement with it. Sleek and simple yet bold and elegant, black onyx emanates confidence and draws attention to your style. 

Besides, black is a classic when it comes to clothes, so why not wear black jewellery, too?

Black and white is a classic pairing in the fashion world, so you can create a stunning contrast with white gems and clear crystals worn in the winter like diamonds, pearls, white opal, and moonstone. 

The opaque black onyx stones also complement darker gemstones suitable for the season, such as rubies, sapphires, malachite, and amethyst.  

For a show-stopping festive look, pair your black onyx jewellery with a red top or, even better, a red dress to make it stand out.


Who wouldn’t stop to stare at the malachite’s striking green colour and captivating swirling patterns? 

Recognised for its vibrant light and dark green spectrum, malachite has been cherished for millennia, either as a gemstone or a pigment, from decorating the palaces of the Czars to being used for Cleopatra’s extravagant eyeshadow.

As humans, we naturally love green, and it instinctively jumps out at us. The colour boasts many positive representations, and we use it to note that something is good for the planet. 

One of the reasons I love malachite is that it instantly updates neutral outfits, making them more lively and jaunty thanks to its vibrant colour. 

It’s also easily mixed with gold and silver, and it will stand out no matter how or where you wear it.

Get your hands on this stunning vintage La Triomphe ring made of 18K gold, malachite, black onyx, and diamonds.

For best results, you can combine it with black or white outfits. If you’re not intimidated by more playful colours, pair it with yellow, orange or red (maroon or burgundy) for that extra pop.

Bonus benefit: Because malachite is copper-based, it’s known for detoxifying the skin, stimulating collagen production, fighting wrinkles, and improving skin elasticity, all features that are even more welcome during the harsh winter months. 


What notions pop in your mind when staring into a cat’s eyes? Power, confidence, allure, and perhaps this effortless coolness that comes with this magnetising look.

That’s exactly what the tiger eye gemstone will deliver to your style. 

Often used in Feng-Shui jewellery, tiger eye is a chatoyant stone, meaning that it shows bands of bright reflected light, giving it that silky lustre and ‘cat’s eye’ effect.

It’s also very gender-neutral, with many men enjoying it in the form of beaded bracelets, cufflinks, or even tasbih prayer beads.   

The unique design of this hypnotising gemstone is the perfect way to stand out this season and make a bold, daring statement without trying too hard.

Check out this gorgeous tiger eye and black onyx neck wrap that will draw all eyes on you this winter.

With its earthy palette, tiger eye is incredibly versatile and excellent for dressing up your smart-casual look. Its colour varies from golden honey to deep red-brown, making it a perfect match for most of your winter outfits.  

You can style it with colours such as black, white, green, mustard yellow or even navy blue. It will also add a classy feel to a brown leather jacket and complement a brown overcoat or blazer. 

Another way to play around with this gem is by wearing matching accessories like a brown belt or brown boots. 

Tiger eye will elevate even the simplest attire and add an air of mystery to your style in any shape or form.


Pearls are an essential part of any jewellery box, and they are very much on-trend this winter. 

Resembling perfectly round snowballs, these dainty semi-precious stones will add a touch of nobility to your image, but without excessive poignance.

They look regally classy against the traditional black turtleneck and can be easily combined with any of your dark- or bright-coloured sweaters. 

If you’re looking to create big statement pieces, remember that pearl size and quantity do matter. A large-pearl necklace with a matching set of studs will effortlessly denote refinement in a subtle, elegant way without disrupting the minimalistic aesthetic.

And if white is too pale for you, you can always warm things up with a milder, unpredictable shade. Akoya pearls come in a variety of mesmerising hues, including rose, silver-grey, peach, cream, and blue. 

Thanks to their deep, moody hues, black Akoya pearls are also an excellent winter choice for an iridescent nighttime look.

Preppy and chic, pearls carry an aura of elegance that’s hard to beat, and they’re perfect both for daytime and dressy outfits. 

Check out our pearl collection for a chic and sophisticated winter look 


Few gemstones reflect winter like diamonds do. 

They are aptly nicknamed ‘ice’ because of their crystal clear appearance and their ability to conduct heat incredibly well. Seriously, try touching a diamond for a few seconds, and it will naturally feel icy cold!

Nothing quite captures the flawless sparkle of clear ice like a diamond, making it a particularly fitting choice for the season.

It’s also a highly versatile stone that never goes out of style, as it coordinates with all metals, and you can wear it with anything.

Add this adorable pair of 18K gold and diamond brooches to your jewellery box for a playful look this winter.

These precious stones come in different hues that also work well during winter, such as blue, yellow, red, green or pink.

So don’t be afraid to add a bit of elegance and sparkle to your favourite winter outfits by incorporating a bit of ‘ice’.

Even better, opt for pieces with diamond clusters to elevate your glow from every angle.

And there you have it! 

A group of gemstones to keep you company during the cold winter months and help usher in the new season with style. 

So, if you’ve been hiding any jewels with these gemstones in your jewellery box, it’s time to dust them out and try them on!

If you don’t or want to add to your collection, head to my shop to discover stunning vintage and antique jewellery featuring gorgeous gems and one-of-a-kind designs from the past. 

Until next time, happy treasure-hunting!

xx, Yaz

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