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YazJewels Victorian starburst brooch to pendant to hairpin in original case.

New vintage arrivals: Get this summer’s hottest vintage look!

With the summer months just around the corner, now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe and be the envy of Dubai jewellery connoisseurs. Enter the new YJ vintage jewellery drop! In my spring/summer collection, I’ve gathered some beautiful vintage and retro jewellery from all over the world, guaranteed to bring that timeless glamour to your summer look.

Our new edit allows you to choose from our selection of contemporary or vintage rings, earrings, or brooches and bring some zing to your style. With so many beautiful new jewels to pick from, you are surely spoiled for choice this May!

To help you out, I’ll share with you a few of my favourite latest finds:

For Retro Junkies: Retro Tank Ruby and Diamond Ring

Originating at the end of World War I, Tank Rings were all the rage in the 1940s and 1950s. They owe their name to the tanks of World War II and are considered the most emblematic jewel of the “Retro” movement.

Because platinum was declared a strategic metal used only for military purposes during World War II, these vintage rings were primarily made from pink or yellow gold enhanced with precious gemstones. Their bulky designs and heavy forms left behind the Art Deco era‘s silver, white gold, and platinum. They did, however, embrace geometric styles and colourful gems in the cuts and pave style popular in the previous period. It’s exactly this beautiful mix that makes them stunning statement pieces for today’s vintage jewellery connoisseurs.

Our gorgeous Retro Tank Ring is on point for the era. It is styled with diamonds and rubies in an asymmetrical design, a popular motif at the time. The diamonds come with an IGI certificate and glisten beautifully alongside the three square-cut, pave-style rubies in their 18ct gold setting.

We sourced this vintage ring through a specialised tank ring dealer in the USA and know that such a unique and elegant jewel will be snapped up fast.

Get your hands on this timelessly chic piece of historic diamond jewellery before someone else does!

For Antique Jewellery Seekers: Victorian Diamond Starburst Brooch/Pendant

Having been in the collecting game for so long, I’ve seen all sorts of impressive heirlooms over the years. But every so often, I get totally blown away by the beauty of the antique jewellery I come across in my treasure hunts. This magnificent late Victorian Diamond Brooch/Pendant/Hairpin in the form of a starburst was one such piece.

Made circa 1890, this classic piece features a twelve-rayed star made with single-cut diamonds to truly twinkle like a star. The star motif in jewellery became very popular around 1860 and is common in antique and diamond jewellery from this era. Stars were emblazoned on everything from necklaces to hat pins, and many vintage rings from this time have this celestial body as a feature.

Epitomising the glorious Victorian aesthetic, the sparkling diamonds are mounted on a silver and gold bedding that can be worn in three different ways, making those around you starstruck by the flexibility of your antique jewellery.

It comes with a gold hairpin which can be easily attached to the star and bring extra glamour to your hairstyle. Alternatively, the attached gold pin turns it into a pin perfect for holding a hijab in place or a brooch for bringing some shimmer to your blazer. The pendant also features a round gold loop on the back that allows you to thread a chain and turn this versatile vintage gem into a necklace. Need I say more?!

Antique Victorian diamond brooch/pendant/hairpin

We sourced this stunning specimen of antique jewellery at a renowned UK auction house. And, to top it off, it comes in its original fitted case to keep it in mint condition and ready to wear for any occasion. Just like stars were used in Victorian jewellery to denote guidance or direction, this timeless piece of wearable history will have everyone looking in your direction and following you for style guidance!!

For Vintage Lovers: 1970s Diamond and Turquoise Dress Ring

The 1970s were full of colour and fun, with the motto being ‘big, bold, and gold’! And this Diamond and Turquoise Dress Ring fits that profile beautifully. This vintage ring perfectly exemplifies 1970s chic, featuring a bombé design with an openwork flowerhead. The flower is decorated in brilliant-cut diamonds and light blue turquoise stones centred by a round cabochon turquoise.

The 18ct gold multifurcated hoop, with beading detailing on the ring’s body, sets it even further apart from the less glamorous jewels of the era. Its hallmarking confirms its birth in 1970 in London, and the previous owner attests that her late husband purchased it from Boucheron in the city. Unfortunately, it is unsigned, but it is very much in keeping with the style of the famous Parisian jewellery house from that era.

As far as vintage dress rings go, this unique creation really adds a pop of colour and sophistication to any outfit. Its swirling lines and dots of turquoise make for a mesmerising effect while the round brilliant cut diamonds catch your eye with their sparkle.

While the above three are my current favourites, there are so many other heirlooms and antique jewellery pieces in our new vintage drop that promise to take your breath away. From the Contemporary Tiffany & Co. Tourmaline Heart Ring that brings a touch of summer to any outfit to the delicate Art Deco Diamond Engagement Ring that silently screams sophistication, our new finds have something for every taste.

Contemporary Tiffany & Co. Tourmaline Heart Fluted Ring

Contemporary Tiffany & Co. Tourmaline Heart Fluted Ring
4,875.00 د.إ AED
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Vintage Art Deco Diamond Openwork Ring

Art Deco Diamond Openwork Ring
6,700.00 د.إ AED
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Don’t miss out on discovering your perfect jewels from the best antique selection that Dubai jewellery will see this year! Check out the Spring/Summer collection today and spoil yourself with one-of-a-kind vintage jewellery that’s as unique as you.

Happy shopping,

Yaz X

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