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The art of Gifting

Who doesn’t like a thoughtful and meaningful gift? There is indeed a correlation between the amount of time and thought one spends when picking a gift for a loved one and the memory and sentimental value attached to the gift for a lifetime.

I can certainly speak for myself and say that on a handful of occasions, I received gifts that absolutely had no relevance to my sense of style or taste. I also take the blame for being a sloppy gifter on many instances, often not thinking through the right options or just going for the first thing that comes to mind for the lack of time.

My best friend once told me that gifting is an art that spreads love between people. She surely practices what she preaches and I can confidently report that she has never failed me on any gift I got from her, in fact she endeavors to consistently outdo herself (often making my life more difficult!).

That resonated with me and I realised that all the gifts that sparked joy to me (Marie Kondo kind of joy) were well thought through and complimented my style and personality.

A Valentines gift from Lulu Frost - a beautiful 1980's Monet gold tone clip-ons hooked on Bakelite crystallized discs

Ok so here is when I talk about Jewelry. Do I really need to explain why jewelry makes an excellent gift for any women and how precious metals and stones live forever and can be passed on… and all that jazz??

The one thing I believe is that any women, and I mean any women, no matter how tomboyish or superhero lifestyle she may lead, there will always be that occasion where she will need to dress up and put on a pair of pearl stud earrings or a statement bracelet. In fact when jewelry is not her thing, it makes that one jewelry piece more special. Of course things are spicier when you shop for a jewelry fanatic like myself.

 I came up with a quick list of jewelry gift ideas while being thoughtful of varying tastes and preferences. I also have some ideas for the guys (trying to be inclusive and all) .. let’s jump into it!

Chanel anytime – for the classic and sophisticated ones

Chanel has a huuuge variety of costume jewelry options from earrings, cuffs bracelets, necklaces and rings. You can never go wrong with a pair of classic CC stud earrings or a Coco Chanel style pearl necklace.

Chanel Pearl CC's on champagne gold hammered bracelet
My pearl studded Miss Coco necklace

Lizzi Fortunato fashion jewelry  – for the adventurous and bold

Lizzi Fortunato is a brand founded by two twin sisters with the aim to create unique and modern accessories using unconventional materials. I love their playful and bold collection and love the fact that they expanded their line to bags, scarfs and home accessories as well.

Shop or if you are in the Middle East
My Marla Aaron heavy curb 18" chain with a baby lock. I had my husband's and girls' initials engraved on the lock and I attached my coral heart initial charm to it

Marla Aaron – For the sentimental and wear it everyday even in the shower ones 

Inspired by industrial locks and screws, Marla creates locks of different shapes, sizes and metals in NY that allow for charm attachment, layering, interchangeable styling and all sorts of playing around.

Marla Aaron’s locks are a great gift because they are unisex, come in different price points and you can engrave special messages on them (and inside them sometime!) – very romantic.

Marla is also very witty with a great sarcastic sense of humor so go follow her Instagram page

Vintage Jewelry- For the nostalgic and environmentally conscious 

There is something about vintage and old jewels that is magical and intriguing. For those who long for the good old chic and sophisticated days, and curious about the stories behind the jewelry, vintage is a very appropriate choice with a huge variety and price points.

Depending on where you are in the world, there are many places you can score very interesting pieces including flea markets, antique and jewelry shows as well as auction houses. 

You can skip all the above trips and head onto the Yazjewels online shop for the coolest and chicest selection of vintage fine, costume and silver jewelry 

Shop the options here

Azza Fahmy  – for the hard to please

Azza Fahmy is an iconic Egyptian jewelry designer that revolutionized the way silver as a metal is perceived and appreciated in the realm of precious metals. Her collection revolves around middle eastern heritage, poetry, Arabic calligraphy as well as folk culture, all adorned with precious and semi precious gems and meticulous craftsmanship. 

Substantial snake bangle in gold and silver and jeweled with diamonds and rubies.. simply gorgeous!
Arabic Calligraphy cuff links in silver "Life" "Peace"
From the Nubia collection, a 3D ring with a Nubia style village house overlooking a "lake" of Turquoise . Isn't this genius?
Silver and leather Arabic calligraphy bracelet for men that reads "He who walks with confidence walks as a king".. I think this should be a unisex bracelet!

Shop online or the many stockists and boutiques all over the world including a beautiful flagship store in Burlington Arcade in London, a personal favorite. 

Tateossian cuff links and bracelets – for the cool boys

My husband discovered Tateossian online when he couldn’t find the right man-bracelet that was sophisticated yet cool enough to go from suit to lounge wear. They carry a great deal of a collection of men’s accessories which is unique, playful and unusual. My favorite line  is the “Novel and Unique”.  

You can shop online or find a boutique near you.

So that’s my 2 cents on gift ideas! Where do you usually shop for jewelry gifts and what was the best, or weirdest, piece of jewelry you ever received? Drop a comment below and get social 🙂

All the brands featured in this blog are not paid endorsements, they are simply brands I personally love and appreciate. 

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