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About YJ

Welcome to YazJewels, my personal space for talking all things jewelry. I thought a lot about how to introduce myself and this blog to whoever will stumble upon it. In fact, I wasn’t sure, and still sometimes think about what kind of content I want to create and what stories I want to share.

I have always been passionate about Jewelry for as long as I remember, probably from my childhood days. I collected many pieces over time and I often found myself drawn to jewelry stores throughout my travels. Nothing would fascinate more than browsing through racks of vintage jewelry in cobblestone streets in New York or in Portabello road in London. I was always after unique and unusual pieces that would bring life to my monochrome  outfits or start a conversation at a networking event (anything to help the introvert me in me to talk to a stranger!).

Instagram didn’t make it any easier, in fact I discovered a whole new world of designers, collectors, bloggers and mind boggling galleries of jewels and all forms of wearable art. Over time, I became aware of how my taste evolved, matured and refined as I expanded my knowledge and network of Jewelry fanatics!

Eventually, after a lot of wondering from my friends and the husband on why I am not doing anything about my Jewelry situation; I realized that Jewelry is not only my hobby, its my happy place. Its what I like to talk about, play with and learn more about everyday.

Here, I talk about the jewellery eras that inspire me, share some tips and insights as a collector, and reveal my latest finds. If you, like me, have an insane passion for vintage gems and jewellery antiques, I hope this blog helps you better understand the secret history and beauty behind time-honoured heirlooms. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and suggestions to cover any topics that might interest you or help on your collecting journey.



Alongside the blog, I will be sharing my love for vintage and unusual jewelry through my curated collection on my online store (Shop YJ on the main menu). I personally handpick each and every piece keeping in mind different tastes, metals and price preferences.

So fellow Jewelry lovers, welcome to my space, I hope you enjoy talking, playing and learning about jewelry with me, I am certain that I will!

Yasmine – Yaz