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Why Do We Collect Jewelry?

Jewellery has been somewhat of a charm to humans since civilization began. It has served several purposes, from adorning the rich, symbolising commitment, and communicating messages of wealth, wisdom and status.

In the current landscape, jewellery collecting is an increasingly popular interest. The reasons for engaging in this activity can be deeply personal, materialistic, or simply a tool to feed the fascination of others.

It could be that a jewellery box was inherited from a family member, a hobby for browsing the local vintage stores, or more professional intentions like attending auctions to seek out valuable items.

With so many items rich with history, family stories and personal memories, it’s common for people to find a warm connection to jewels. The list of why we buy and cherish these wearable objects is endless. 

Here are five reasons as to why people like to collect…

The Stories

Everybody loves a good story. One of the most desirable features, particularly with antique jewellery, is the story behind it. Almost every piece of jewellery is chosen for a purpose. 

It could be for a special occasion that will be remembered dearly, a gift to a cherished someone, or a pretty piece stumbled upon in the most unlikely of places. 

For many families, jewellery is passed down between generations, interwoven with tales of romance, chivalry and adventure. A centuries old piece can carry the history of great relatives and past endeavours. 

It can be a good conversation starter, especially with signed and engraved pieces, or remarkable designs that are unique to different eras. Stories through material objects are a wonderful way to remember lost loved ones, even the ones we never met. 

Sentimental Value

The sentimental value of jewellery often coincides with the backstory. As with lots of personal items, there is a real emotional attachment to the human psyche. The older something gets, certainly in cases where the item has travelled through family generations, can increase its sentimental value. 

It becomes in further need of protection and restoration, and this is why many people hold on to jewels. 

It’s common for engagement and wedding rings to stay in the family tree. Wearing a ring on your finger that once belonged to your great, great grandmother is heart-warming and offers a sense of togetherness. Regardless of price, sentimentality can be of far greater value to people. 

A personal collection of sentimental jewellery is something to be treasured, and one of the most likely purposes for collecting it. It brings a little piece of history to the present world.

A Good Investment Choice 

Without underestimating the value of sentimentality, lots of jewellery items are collected for their monetary value. As with many collectables, people see jewellery as a good investment, and are prepared to pay higher prices for necklaces, bracelets and rings that are crafted to last, and have potential to go up in value over time. The older and more unique something is, the more it’s worth is likely to increase. 

For good investment choices, consider how reputable the source is, and the metals used. Gold for instance, is still sought after around the world. 

Fine jewellery should be checked over by an expert to assert whether the item is real or fake, and to reassure the price of such items. Designer jewellery can be very costly, but the worth will remain intact for years to come. 

Fashion and Unique Style 

Keeping collectable fashion items is an essential way to hang onto unique bits and pieces to wear in the future. 

There’s nothing quite like an unusual accessory, whether a ring from the roaring twenties, a notorious statement bracelet from the sixties or a pendant from the Victorian ages. Lots of designs are classic, but many are unique to a certain period. 

For fashion enthusiasts, eye-catching jewellery is an ideal way to dress up clothes, boost more simple outfits and to make a statement whatever the occasion. Fashion travels in cycles, so holding onto old pretty things means you can wear them later when they come back in style. 

It’s a source of curiosity to others when somebody wears something that is no longer available on the market today. Mix matching more than one piece is an even more enviable look.

Instead of shopping for more each time the latest trend comes around, collected jewellery can be recycled over and over. Remember, storing it safely in the meantime is key.

Jewellery is an Essential Accessory 

Collecting jewellery means you’ll never be short of an accessory whatever the occasion. As with clothes, handbags and shoes, jewels are an important part of our wardrobes, and have been for centuries. 

There are always designers coming up with new ideas for bracelets, necklaces and rings to personify individual tastes and styles. There’s never a shortage of places to wear these accessories to either, which makes adornment key to dressing for both women and men. 

A look is incomplete without jewellery when attending occasions such as birthdays, graduations, weddings and many other special events. It is an essential accessory for the occasion. 

The reasons we collect jewellery tend to be personal. For most, the emotional aspect outweighs everything else, particularly with vintage and antique jewellery which is given a new lease of life with each generation. The stories behind individual pieces are much too valuable for them to be thoughtlessly discarded, given away or sold. 

For many, collecting jewellery coincides with a deep love for fashion, creating individual style which could not otherwise be sought from cheap products bought without care. Whatever the reasons for collecting jewellery, the process of gathering your own collection can be a rewarding experience.